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Infrared Welding

What is an array in infrared welding?

In infrared welding, an array refers to a collection of infrared heating elements that are arranged in a specific pattern...

What are the common use cases for infrared welding?

Infrared welding is a versatile joining technique that is commonly used in various industries. Some of the common use cases...

What plastics can be welded with Infrared Welding?

Infrared welding can be used to weld a variety of thermoplastic materials, including: The suitability of a particular plastic for...

What is the difference between infrared welding and ultrasonic welding?

Infrared welding and ultrasonic welding are two different methods of joining plastics. The main difference between the two is the...

What is Infrared Welding?

Infrared Welding is a form of non-contact plastic welding utilizing a heat array element that provides even heat distribution to the weld area.

Hot Plate Welding Compared To Infrared Welding

In Directed Infrared Welding the parts being welded never come in contact with the infrared array, as they do with the hot platen in standard thermoplastic welding.