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Product Development

Our product development team has both internal and external engineers to get the product complete, on time, on target.

We know that product functionality, technical engineering, cost effectiveness and manufacturability are key and drive the development process. Our industrial design and engineering staff ensure your products are competitive, cosmetic to the individual market.

We partner with Injection Molding companies to provide a one-stop shop for your plastic part or plastic assembly design or development project.

Injection Molding Plastic Parts

Industrial Design
Experienced Designers and Engineers
Product Research, Cost Research
Product Concept Generation
Design and Solution Options
Material Selection
CAD Models
Control Drawings
Presentation Renderings

Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Engineering and Technical Design
Mechanical, Electronic and Software
SolidWorks 2D and 3D CAD drawings

3D Printing
CNC Machining
Temporary Molds
Low Run/Market Test Units

Materials and Process Expertise
Custom Tooling
Production Machine Building
Bill of Materials
Control Drawings
Production Samples
Pilot runs to high volume production
Quality assurance and testing

Market Content and Labeling
Packaging Design
Detailed Packaging; Regulations, Barcodes
Ready, Ship Boxing

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