Environmental Social Governance Sustainability Score - Trinetics Group

Environmental Social Governance Sustainability Score

As a steward of the environment, Trinetics Group wanted to see where we measured on our current environmental, social and government (ESG) initiatives. We recently partnered with Manomet (link –https://www.manomet.org/), a nonprofit organization committed to science-based decisions, collaboration, and education to improve the coastal ecosystems of our lands and seas to measure our success. Manomet works in partnership with businesses like Trinetics Group to provide scientific expertise to achieve impact. Manomet serves a role as facilitator, and help identify threats, bring science to stakeholders, and navigates management decisions to benefit nature and people.


Overall Sustainability Score: 83

Environmental: 84

Social: 83

Governance: 82


Manomet uses a toolkit called Root360 giving small businesses the opportunity to assess and improve their sustainable business practices It is a practical, easy-to-use tool that helps you evaluate your current business practices. The Root360 tools can help us identify ways to save money and resources, adapt to a changing marketplace, reducing risks, and improving our business’s long-term health and profitability. The Root360 survey is organized into three broad categories: Governance, Social, and Environment.

  • The Environment category covers energy and water use, waste management, purchasing practices, and eco-friendly offerings.
  • The Social category covers employee training and performance practices, employee benefits, employee-led innovation, and our relationship with your community.
  • The Governance category covers a wide range of business practices and policies, such as financial planning, risk management, ‘checks and balances,’ and supply chain management.

For more information, go to Manomethttps://www.manomet.org/project/u360-internship/

Manomet is a registered 501(c)(3). EIN: 22-3051362.