Leading OEM industries use Trinetics Group for wire assemblies and cable harnesses - Trinetics Group

Leading OEM industries use Trinetics Group for wire assemblies and cable harnesses

There are many good reasons why you should join other leading OEM industry partners using Trinetics Group as a go-to vendor for outsourcing wire assemblies and cable harnesses prroduction. Here are just a few:

Engineering Excellence

From concept to completion, there is commitment on the part of our highly qualified engineering team to deliver your product as specified. From prototype runs to system Integration, there is dedication by our highly skilled technicians to ensure excellence and reliability for all your products.

Innovative Products & Services

Trinetics group works on innovative design and production solutions for each cable and harness. The depth and experience of our design team encompass all critical electronic design specialties. We specialize in bringing new or improved products to diversified markets. We strive to become partners to each one of our customers through loyalty, honesty, and integrity.

Cutting Edge Design

Our goal, for all wire assemblies and cable harnesses, is to maintain a system of checks and balances. Whether we are manufacturing a simple industrial control or detailed PCB device, our project management team utilizes the latest high-tech equipment to support your needs.

International Quality Standards Training

Every member of our production team is thoroughly trained using our rigorous Total Quality Management Standards (IS0 9001:2015) in the type of production they will be performing. We train our employees on the specific equipment they will be operating to meet job requirements which helps eliminate production errors. This ensures optimal flow for a timely production schedule meeting your deadlines.

Expertise in the Electronic Assembly, Electro-Mechanical, and Mechanical Areas

No matter what the industry, Trinetics group will meet all assembly requirements. Our multi-skilled staff takes pride in consistently producing the highest quality products. From simple box builds to complicated RF Chassis, our staff will develop work instructions and add them to our Quality Management System to efficiently assemble any of your products and design changes along the way.

Reliability Testing

We work up-front with you to understand your specific test requirements. We partner with our customers to develop economical test solutions that ensure all requirements are met using the highest quality standards.

Quality Control

Wire harnesses and cable assemblies play a major role in electronic product reliability. Every custom cable assembly we produce is manufactured to the highest levels of quality. We use state of the art production technology and proven processes to ensure superior quality, precision, and lot-to-lot conformity. We use proven processes for stripping wires and attaching connectors, so your products have strong connections. We want your products to have a long life in field, so we use the appropriate strain relief to prevent damage to the wire harness or cable assembly during normal use. We use ISO 9001:2015 quality standards in all manufacturing processes. Our production capabilities also allow for complete manufacturing traceability. All cable assemblies are thoroughly tested to ensure proper performance.


To save you time, we will kit your complete bill of materials. We offer turnkey solutions for all your kitting requirements. Whether your kits are mechanical in nature or electronic static sensitive devices, we are your best, out-sourced solution.

Reasons for using Trinetics timely and turnkey kitting solutions:

  • Ensure materials and products are available on time
  • Maintain the lowest possible level of inventory
  • Optimize your manufacturing, delivery schedules and purchasing activities
  • Reduce purchase order creation – Issue a single multi-year Purchase order with releases as your company needs the inventory
  • Reduce your vendor base
  • Reduce your freight costs
  • Invoice using monthly consolidated summarization

Rework Capabilities

You’ve already invested a significant amount of time producing a product and now you have a design change.  Your inventory is overflowing with a bad part, and now you must build AND rework the existing product. We can take the burden off your staff by reworking the error for your company as you implement the new change.

We pride ourselves with helping your company with rework using:

  • Engineering change order implementation
  • Cuts and jumps
  • Disassembly and reassembly
  • Packaging and shipping
  • Kitting to save time and money in your factory

We’ll work from your drawings to provide you with a complete package for all your specifications:

  • Complete mechanical and electrical assembly
  • Integration of all sub-assemblies into metal or plastic housing
  • Sheet metal fabricated to your specific design
  • Final test to customer specification
  • Point to point fabrication and test

Wire Harnesses

From simple jumper wires to complete multi-wire harnesses, we have the experience and expertise to satisfy your custom wire harness requirements.

  • Harnesses built and tailored to your requirements and specifications
  • Experienced multiple cable and wire combinations for diverse applications
  • Quick turnaround

Cables and Jumpers

Whether it is a simple ground strap or a complex military cable we have a better solution to all your cabling needs.

Wire Crimping

As a connector, a wire crimp will allow two circuits to be connected without using soldering. If needed, the wire connection can be temporary. Wire crimping involves placing a metal crimp on the wire termination. We use specialized tool on over the crimp, squeezing it around the bare wires and around the wire jacket. The crimp process ensures a secure wire connection.

Wire Termination

We use premium quality wire termination components. This ensures your cable assembly or wire harness will have the best fit and performance for your product. We have sourced wire termination components from trusted manufacturers in the industry.

Packaging and Shipping

We offer customized packing and shipping directly to you or your customer’s doorsteps at reasonable prices, saving your staff time and money. Because we are considered a large shipper, we can get low prices.

The best thing is…all Trinetics Group cables and harnesses are all made in the USA.