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Clam Shell Packaging

Trinetics Group can take help you avoid long lead times, tooling expenses, project delays and other custom costs by working with you to customize the packaging your company needs to fit it to your product specifications. We can use standard thermoformed clamshell package designs and materials that work in conjunction with our sealing equipment, so you don’t have to purchase a large industrial machine, saving you time and money. Stock clamshells are the perfect answer when your project doesn’t need custom designed packaging. When evaluating your options, you can work with the Trinetics Group team to discuss the size, material, and type of seal you want.

Here are some common options:

Low Volume Packaging Applications


Trinetics Group will work with your company to recommend a best of breed methodology for your low volume packaging applications. This is critical if you are in the startup phase of your manufacturing or product development. It’s great for kick-starter campaigns, or for small projects that need to be done fast when you do have the resources to do the job. By outsourcing your packaging, you can get to market faster. The other benefit to sealing products is to prevent pilferage or product damage. We can customize a low-volume packaging solution done in-house, quickly and effortlessly for you in the most cost-effective manner.

High Volume Applications

Trinetics Group also has capability to provide a high-volume solution with clam shell packaging as well. The flexibility of our clam shell packaging equipment allows it to be customized to your unique product specifications by using programmable logic controllers. This customization is geared towards increasing your productivity and scaling quickly to increase marketability to your customers without a whole lot of extra effort. We also provide automated packaging systems with blister and cards inserted. Our Marketing department can create original package designs for your products as well, so you sell more!

Trinetics Group common automated package applications include such capabilities as:

Blister Packaging

Clam Shell Packaging

Pharmaceutical Packaging


PVC Blisters to Cardboard

Reusable cases

Trapped Blister with Board to Board Seal

Unique Packaging Applications with cost effective solutions

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