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Plastic Joining, Plastic Welding, and Gluing

There are a number of different plastic welding techniques for join thermoplastic materials together to make products in the aerospace, automotive, medical or retail industries. Whether you have an existing product, or are prototyping a new one, the experts at Trinetics Group are available to consult with you to explore the most efficient way for your company to join plastic materials for production. Since there are so many different types of plastics on the market today, it is best to work with our highly trained engineering professionals who have developed a deep knowledge and fundamental understanding of the vast plastics industry to determine which plastics have the right properties to be joined by gluing, spin welding, infrared, or ultrasonic welding.


Gluing or Solvent Bonding


While many businesses use traditional gluing, solvents or adhesives for joining plastics in the assembly process, there are superior technologies to do the same bonding at less cost with better turn-around time. Our highly satisfied customers know that Trinetics Group has many years of experience in different types of bonding to weld plastics that are longer lasting and more secure than using gluing or adhesives. These better technology options include such bonding or joining processes as: spin welding, infrared welding, and ultrasonic welding.


Many manufacturers experience problems when using gluing or adhesive solvent bonding, which is an outdated method used to join thermoplastics. Solvent bonding involves coating plastics together with a solvent and clamping them together. The solvent softens the plastic and when it evaporates the plastics are bonded together, but the bond is not homogenous.


In addition, using adhesives and glue takes production time, the right temperature conditions in the factory, and it is generally not the most durable methodology for sealing plastics. Three reasons NOT to use traditional gluing or adhesives are: the process is considerably slower, the glue and adhesive material is expensive, and the chemicals affect workers (VOCs) so there must be adequate ventilation equipment in place to keep employees safe.


Plastic Welding and Plastic Bonding


A better alternative to adhesive or solvent joining is plastic welding. Plastic welding involves the process of using vibrations and/or spin welding to join plastics together at the molecular level, which achieves a homogenous bond that is stronger and more durable for your products.


Whether you employ spin welding, infrared welding or ultrasonic welding, the bond you use for your product will be strong enough to stand up over time and reduce the amount of factory reworking in any industry, including aerospace, automotive, medical or retail. Dealing with defective products means lost time for your employees and lost revenue for your company. It affects the bottom line directly.


Trinetics has always been at the forefront of plastic welding technology. We have turnkey solutions for your organization and will consult with you and your managers on how to employ these efficient, new technologies in your organization. Implementing spin welding, infrared welding or ultrasonic welding into your production line will provide lean transformations for your organization, maximize your employee’s efficiency, and earn you recognition you deserve for your visionary methods.


You’ll also have access to Trinetics Groups partnerships with leading industry providers of plastic welding manufacturing equipment. We’ll assist you with the latest and greatest welding equipment, since our team keeps informed of breakthroughs and cutting-edge techniques that will save you time and money in the long run. We can find a customized solution for all your plastic joining needs even if it means creating a new machine to fit your innovative product. We are all about solutions. When you have a perfect weld on your product, it will lead to cost savings, more productive use of employee time, and overall higher quality product ratings for your customers. This leads to better feedback on product reviews, consumer social media sites, and ultimately, a better bottom line.

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