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Plastic Assembly Services

We pride ourselves on supporting an injection molders with secondary operations of machining, fabrication and plastic joining. OEM customers can purchase a turnkey product using existing tooling from their selected injection molder.

Our plastic welding services provide an outlet for plastic parts outsourcing or under capacity issues. We have multiple in house plastic welders including ultrasonic welders, spin welders, infrared welders, hot tools, insert presses, soldering iron press station and other thermal joining equipment.

Our plastic assembly and fabrication facilities are located in Melbourne, Florida, USA between Miami, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville and Orlando, Tampa and have served customers in USA, Canada and overseas.

We serve all industries and products in medical, industrial and government, military.

We Offer:

OEM Contract Manufacturing Build Services
Individual Part Production to Turnkey Box Ready Parts
Product Development and Prototypes
Assembly Services: Machine, Hand Assembly
Plastic Fabrication
Plastic and Metal Machining
Plastic Welding, Plastic Joining
Packaging: Clamshell
Packaging: Blister Packs
Packaging: Product Labeling

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