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Hot Gas Extrusion Welding

What is Hot Gas Extrusion Welding?

Hot Gas Extrusion Welding is a form of thermoplastic welding utilizing hot air and filler material in combination pressure to create permanent bonds between plastics.

Hot Gas Extrusion Welding requires special equipment consisting of a welding shoe, extruding gun, hot gas air supply, and filler rod. When performing an extrusion weld, the tool heats the filler rod to a plasticized state and preheats the parent material so that when the two meet, a molecular bond is formed.

Extrusion and Hand Welding allow for the fabrication of large plastic parts and tanks. Trinetics Group has experience in extrusion welding many types of plastic including vast experience with welding PVC.

Extrusion and Hand Welding Capabilities

Extrusion welding and hand welding plastic is typically used when fabricating large plastic parts and tanks.

Custom Plastic Tanks

Trinetics Group designs and manufactures custom plastic tanks for holding water, chemicals, or other liquids. We can design and analyze various tanks to meet your needs. Our engineers ensure the design, materials, and welds are strong enough to hold even the most dangerous chemicals.

Custom PLastic Tanks
Custom PVC Tanks

Large Part Fabrication

Our extrusion and hand welding equipment is extremely versatile. This allows us to fabricate many large plastic parts, boxes, or containers.

PVC Welding and Plastic Part Fabrication

Certified in Hot Gas Extrusion Welding of PVC

Invested in Learning

Our team of engineers and fabricators took part in an instructional course in the welding of thermoplastics.

Trinetics Group is committed to providing customers with high quality products. As such, all of our engineers and production management team are certified in the theoretical and practical aspects of hot gas hand welding and hot gas extrusion welding. These certifications are in accordance with the Die Verbindungs Spezialisten and Wegener Plastic Welding.

Trinetics Group is certified in Thermoplastic Welding of PVC

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