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What is amplitude in ultrasonic welding?

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Amplitude is one of the most important variables within any ultrasonic application. The amplitude created by a system is a factor of the hardware of that system. The amplitude depends directly on the frequency of your hardware. All of the components of an ultrasonic system have an amplitude. These components work together to create the entire application’s amplitude.

Amplitude in ultrasonic welding:

1) A measure of how far a component’s face moves during ultrasonic vibration.

2) Can refer to: transducer, booster, or horn.

3) The amplitude of the front of the horn is the most influential parameter responsible for heating of the plastic.

4) Measured commonly as peak to peak value with units in microns. For a given amplitude, stress in the horn increases at higher frequencies.

Different types of plastic require different amplitudes. An ultrasonic stack is assembled to achieve an amplitude as close to a plastics ideal welding amplitude as possible. The ultrasonic generator can than tune the amplitude to a percentage of the hardware’s maximum for a precision weld.

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