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What does regrind mean in plastic welding?

Regrind in plastic welding refers to the recycled material that is used to create a new plastic product. During the manufacturing process, plastic materials can be recycled and reprocessed to create new products, rather than being discarded as waste.

In plastic welding, regrind refers to the recycled plastic material that is used to make a new plastic product. Regrind is typically made by grinding up scrap plastic parts or waste material into small particles or flakes. These particles are then melted down and combined with new plastic material to create a new product.

The quality and consistency of the recycled material may be variable, which can affect the quality of the final product. In addition, the use of regrind may not be suitable for products that require high levels of purity or that are used in applications where safety is a concern. Welding parts that contain regrind can be difficult because the regrind may have several different grades of resin mixed together. Although they are all made of the same material these different resin grades flow at different rates. This complicates the welding process.
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