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What are trigger methods in ultrasonic welding?

The trigger method in ultrasonic welding is the way in which the ultrasonic weld is activated in an ultrasonic welding application. In an ultrasonic welding process, the horn will begin moving toward the fixtured part with the sonics turned off. The ultrasonics are triggered to turn on when the conditions of the trigger method are met.

Trigger By Force

Trigger by force is the most common trigger method. In this case, the ultrasonic welder is triggered when a set force has been applied to the part.

If your welder is set to trigger by force, the ultrasonic horn will press down on the part until your set force is achieved. When the force is achieved, the generator will activate the ultrasonics and begin the weld.

Trigger By Power

Trigger by power is a trigger method that is unique to Dukane Ultrasonic equipment. With the trigger by power method, the ultrasonics are activated at a reduced amplitude until enough force is applied to the part to meet the trigger by power setting. Once this is achieved, the amplitude is increased to 100% of its set maximum and the weld is performed.

Trigger by Position

The trigger by position method activates the welders ultrasonics when the horn reaches a set position relative to it’s starting point.

The choice of trigger method depends on the specific application and the desired welding parameters. Each method has its own advantages and limitations, and may be more appropriate for certain types of materials or parts.

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