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Writing an RFP for Ultrasonic Welding Equipment

Your company recently made the decision to ultrasonically weld parts and now you have been tasked with writing a request for proposal (RFP) to purchase the new ultrasonic welding equipment. Writing what you want in your proposal up front means that you will get the best return on your investment and be happy with your ultrasonic welding process performance to meet your scorecard goals. Below is a detailed guide of questions and considerations to use when writing that RFP to achieve maximum results for your company’s hard-earned money.

Considerations to include in your Ultrasonic Equipment RFP:

What is the total volume of the parts being made?

Knowing how many parts will be produced per year, per month, per week, and even per hour or minute is critically important so you may select the right type of Ultrasonic equipment to meet the needs of your manufacturing setting. High volume parts and low volume parts require different types of machines, and software, to set them up to perform at the specifications you require.

What kind of plastic are you using to make your parts?

Do your homework and determine the best plastic for your design. Not all plastics are created equal and some perform much better under ultrasonic welding techniques than others. If you need a list of plastics and which type of plastic works well with ultrasonic welding, then read Trinetics Group’s article on amorphous vs. semi-crystalline plastics to help aid you in your decision-making process.

Do you want full automation or will a machine with an operator work for you?

Fully automated solutions are much more expensive than a single machine with an operator. The volume of parts needed will help determine the type of solution you need for your manufacturing set up. Sometimes it is easier to hire a manufacturing firm like Trinetics Group, that specializes in ultrasonic welding so you can outsource and keep your overall cost structure down.

How fast do you need the parts made? 

Manufacturing parts can take time, especially up front for the tooling and machine configuration if you are looking for a turn key solution. Consider the fact that the capital outlay for building a machine may mean you need to consider financing or a large upfront cost. If you want parts to be outsourced, the time for production can be minimal, since it doesn’t generally require machine set up, just the initial tooling and set up. The time on the machine is determined by the volume, frequency, and project scope. Trinetics Group can assist you in determining the best solution for your business and act as your manufacturing partner.

Is it better to outsource ultrasonic welding or do it in house?

There are certainly advantages to outsourcing. The first being there is not a lot of upfront capital equipment costs. You provide the part design, and Trinetics Group will find the right customized solution for you, using our industry leading Dukane equipment and our production labor. We will provide you with the per piece pricing and/or larger discounts for volume production. Just call Trinetics Group, or email us here, for a quote.

Doing ultrasonic welding in house means you pay the upfront investment cost of Trinetics Group designing a machine to fit your needs. This includes the engineering expertise and testing of the machine, the hiring and training of operators on the machine, and finally, the actual maintenance of the machine once you own it and operate it. Always budget for annual maintenance contracts as well as the cost of replacement and custom parts

What equipment do you need if you want to do it in house?

The first step to setting up the RFP is the scope of work that needs to be accomplished. The idea of putting your goals on paper may seem tedious, but it will focus you and your machine manufacturer on what is most critical to the engineering design of your new equipment. Trinetics Group has years of expertise in machine designs featuring ultrasonic welding techniques.  Our tried and true process for getting the ultrasonic welding machine designed for your parts with LEAN principles applied will go a long way to providing you with a turnkey solution that increases your efficiency and your bottom line.

Do you need a custom solution for your design?

Trinetics Group is available to discuss different design options for your customized ultrasonic welding manufacturing needs. We have design engineers, manufacturing engineers, and machine builders with expertise in the aerospace, automotive, drone, marine, medical and consumer products areas. The Trinetics Group team has patented technology that is state of the art in this industry. We invented many of the processes that are currently used throughout the world today. See our list of patents here.

What kind of problems could I run into that can be headed off by more research on the type of welding equipment needed?

Partnering with Trinetics Group will save you thousands of dollars in lost productivity by working with the professionals who do this every day and have the technical expertise to streamline your ultrasonic welding operation. Our customers are looking to get the maximum value from their ultrasonic machine operations and that is where we specialize in building a custom solution just for you.

Cost of leasing vs. buying equipment?

Purchasing and funding ultrasonic machinery may be challenging. First, get a cost estimate from your ultrasonic welding manufacturer up front before you buy. Once you have that estimate, provide a line item in your budget to fund the purchase and be sure to capitalize it at the rate that is appropriate for your business revenue model. Just be sure to put in some dollars for upkeep and maintenance of your new machine. You might also need a training and spare parts budget line items.

If you intend to lease equipment, there are many companies who do equipment leasing for small businesses from $5,000 to $500,000. Using a flexible financing program can help you get up and running in no time. Be sure to ask lots of questions and discuss the details of the length of the lease, the interest rate, and the overall cost so you can create a proforma for the machine’s impact on your business.

Whether you intend to purchase the machine outright, or finance it, you will be asked to provide an upfront amount to start the machine build and then periodic draws along the way as milestones are reached. Once the machine is in the testing phase, you can get prepared for the final payment which will be due upon machine delivery. Don’t forget to ask for a maintenance contract for at least the first year, and then an ongoing maintenance contract to keep your ultrasonic welding machine in good working order.

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